9 Important OET Listening Sub Test FAQs

Listed down are important FAQs with respect to OET Listening Sub-Test. Before you take the test, familiarize yourself with what it is as this will help you get a good score in the test. 

1 How many parts are there in the OET listening sub-test?

OET listening sub-test will have three parts. Part A, Part B and Part C.  

2 Will I have time between two recordings of the test?

No, you will not get any extra time in between two recordings of the test. However, you will receive instruction in the recordings itself how to move on and be ready for the next questions. 

3 Will there be different accents in the audio recordings?

Yes, you will hear different accents (In all the three parts, speakers will use different accents). This is actually to meet the global nature of the healthcare workforce. The OET candidates should have a profound understanding of various accents such as American, British, Australian, Canadian, etc.  

4 How is the distribution of marks in the OET Listening sub-test?

There are a total of 42 marks available in the test. 24 marks are assigned for Part A. 6 marks are assigned for Part B and 12 marks are assigned for Part C. 

5 Will I get a separate sheet to write answers in the listening sub-test?

No. You will not receive any separate sheet. You are expected to write your answers on the question booklet itself (for the part A questions). For Part B and Part C, you shall shade the lozenge (that is next to the correct or the appropriate answer). If you write your answers elsewhere in the booklet, your answers will not be taken into consideration. 

6 Is it important that I should write exactly the same words or phrases that I hear?
It is important that you should use the same words or the phrases that you may hear in part A of the test. You shall not paraphrase or use different words for your answers.  

7 Is the use of the abbreviations allowed in the test?

Yes, you can use abbreviations. But, remember, you can use only common abbreviations.  For instance, you can write “Blood Pressure” as BP.   

8 Will I get extra time to check my answers?

You will have two minutes to check your answers before submitting the booklet.  

9 How is the OET listening sub-test scored?

Part A of the test will be double-marked by experienced and qualified OET examiners or assessors. The answers are randomly assigned to a team of assessors (just to avoid any conflict of interest). 

The assessors will use a comprehensive guide to score Part A. The guide will provide necessary help to the assessors in understanding which answers are correct. The team of assessors are also monitored for 100% accuracy and transparency in the assessment process. 
Part B and Part C are automatically scored, computer scanned. 
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