All About OET Digital Badges

Are you taking the OET? Or have you already taken OET? 

Well, do not forget to collect your OET digital badge. OET exam committee wants your experience of taking OET more memorable for you. Therefore, the exam committee has introduced digital badges. 

What are OET digital badges?

OET digital badge is a special badge that will act like a memorandum for you. The proof that you have taken the test. But, this proof will be in the digital format. It is for you to celebrate your success in the Occupational English Test (OET). 
A digital badge introduced by the OET is actually a web-based credential, a proof that you took the OET. It will showcase your grade in OET. You will have the option to download the badge or you can share the badge across all your social networking websites. You can also add the badge to your resume or CV as well. You can also use it on your cover letter or in email signature.  

Types of OET Digital Badges 

There are currently five different types of digital badges as introduced by the OET and these five badges are broken into two different categories. 

  • Individual sub-test badge 
  • OET Gold Standard 

Individual sub-test badge 

This is the badge that will help you showcase your score in all your four different OET sub-tests. It means you will receive a badge to show or share your score in OET writing sub-test, reading sub-test, listening and speaking sub-tests separately. To be eligible for this badge, you will have to get at least a minimum of grade C in all the sub-tests or more than that. 

OET Gold Standard 

OET gold standard batch will be awarded to those OET candidates who have managed to get a grade B or higher. It is important that you should get grade B in all the four subtests in order to be more eligible for this. And of course, you will have to score grade B in one sitting. 

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