Are Abbreviations Allowed In OET Listening Sub Test

It is very common for healthcare professionals to use abbreviations, medical terminology or acronyms.  

But,if you are taking OET then you will have to be careful with the use of abbreviations. A small mistake may mean so much. 

Because, it is possible that you will use an abbreviation or acronym that is common at your workplace but the same may not be suitable to use in your OET listening sub test. 

What kind of abbreviations can you use in your OET?

During your OET listening sub-test, you will listen to different speakers. These speakers may use abbreviations or acronyms to (You will have to be very careful in spotting such abbreviations or the acronyms used by the speakers). 

If you are using an abbreviation or the acronym that you have heard form the speakers as an answer then it is acceptable.

But, if your answer is an abbreviation or an acronym that is not used by the speaker then it is not acceptable. Take a look at the following dialogue: 

Doctor: It is very important that you should take this medicine. This will help you a lot with overcoming stress. It should be taken daily. BID. 

Generally, “Twice Daily” is abbreviated as BID. But, sometimes, healthcare professionals get confused with BT and BID. 

BT is referred to Bed Time.

BID is referred to Twice Daily. 

If you have heard the word BID then you can write your answer as BID. But, if you hear the speaker saying Twice Daily then it is good to write “Twice Daily” as your answer. 

Don’t use confusing abbreviations or the acronyms. 

There are no restrictions when it comes to using abbreviations that are common. BP is known as Blood Pressure.  

But, you shall not use abbreviations that can be confusing. 

Listed down are a few of the confusing abbreviations which you shall avoid using in your OET listening sub-test. 

Ij - Injection or it can also mean IV, mistaken for intrajugular.

Hs stands for “At bedtime,” or “Hours of sleep.” But, it is often wrongly understood as Half-Strength.

O.d. or OD will mean once daily. But, OD may also stand for oculus dexter. 
SSI will mean Sliding Scale Insulin. But, this may also mean Strong Solution of Iodine. 

So, it is always advisable that you should not make use of the abbreviations or the acronyms that can be confusing or which may have two different meanings.

If you have heard a speaker saying Strong Solution of Iodine, and you want to use it as your answer then it is better that you write it “Strong Solution of Iodine.” You do not have to abbreviate it as SSI. Such confusing short-form or abbreviated form may negatively affect your OET grade. 

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