Assessment Criteria For OET Writing Sub Test 2019

Assessment Criteria For OET Writing Sub-Test is going to be changed? Effective From August 2019

Do you know assessment criteria for OET Writing Sub-Test is going to be changed? Do you know what changes in criteria for assessment have been made and how it is going to affect your OET Score?

These are going to be minor updates and will take effect by the end of the August, 2019.

This is not for the candidates who have booked the test before the month of the August. These changes will not affect their score. 

If you are planning to take OET after August then it is recommended that you shall get yourself more acquainted with these updates as knowledge of these updates will help you a lot. You will know of what to do and what not to do, how the assessment criteria would be, what shall you pay more attention to and what you shall avoid etc.  

Why assessment criteria have been updated? 

OET Writing assessment criteria have been updated in order to ensure that it successfully serves the purpose it is being created for, that the candidates are ready for English-=speaking healthcare roles as per the current trends.   

Changes have been made with more focus on the changing nature of this dynamic healthcare industry. This is done to ensure that he employers, health care regulators like health bodies, hospitals, agencies continue to see OET candidates as effective communicators with right set of English skills.  

What is being updated?

Various other assessment bands are added to the Writing criteria to make sure that the candidates continue to provide clear information about what is required when it comes to letter writing. There is more focus on what healthcare practitioners, professionals, health experts, patients, clients, groups look for in a formal letter.  

What has not been changed in OET writing test assessment criteria?

Well, the writing task will not be changed. It will just be the same as it is now. The test takers will have to still write a formal letter making use of the information given in the case notes. There will be the same five minutes of reading time and 40 minutes of writing time. 

Is writing test going to be more difficult?

Well, it is neither going to be more difficult or much easier. The level of English needed to crack the test will stay the same. 
Will candidates have to focus more new preparation material?

It is important that the test takers shall focus on sample preparation material. The OET official website has got the samples. You can reach the site and download the samples to understand more about how the answer shall be.