Common Phrasal Verbs In OET

The use of phrasal verbs in healthcare communications is very common. Whether you are a doctor or a nurse, you will make use of phrasal verbs to make the communication clear, and more effective as well. Moreover, it is recommended that you should make use of phrasal verbs in your communication as this makes the communication much stronger too.

Take a look at the example

A doctor will say, “please, put your tongue out.” 

But, it will look a little awkward if the doctor say, “take your tongue out.”

Of course, the meaning is just the same but putting your tongue out is more common and more acceptable. And it is used by almost everyone. 

Check out some examples given below

  • Dose up (UK) (The doctor dosed himself up with a multivitamin capsule). 
  • Lay low (Covid 19 can lay even stronger people low for at least 15-20 days).
  • Let up  (The viral fever may let up after some 10-15 days). 
  • Come down with (it seems like Ana is coming down with the fever). 
  • Throw up (The little baby threw up her lunch). 
  • Pass away (he passed away this morning).
  • Run over (the man was run over and killed).
  • Break out (then, the irritation broke out in a rash). 
  • Fight off (often, it is difficult for the older people to fight off the flu).
  • Come round (His father didn’t come round from the injection).  
  • Block up (Her nose was blocked up). 
  • Lay (Laid) up (they were laid up with a high fever). 
  • Swell up (The little girls’ left wrist swelled up after she got bit by the bee). 
  • Clog up (it is recommended that you should avoid high fat foods as these can clog up arteries).
  • Come to (When I came to (became conscious again), I didn’t remember what happened). 
  • Pass out (The small boy passed out while playing in the garden). 
  • Get over (In a few days, he was able to get over the skin irritation with a proper diet). 
  • Work out (It is important that you should work out to keep yourself fit and healthy). 
  • Warm up (You need to warm up before you start lifting anything heavy). 

Uncommon Phrasal Verbs 

It is recommended that you should keep your language natural by using only common phrasal verbs. Do not use phrasal verbs that are not used by anyone or whose use is restricted to only a particular situation.

Not recommended: The patient didn’t clamp up.

Recommended: The patient didn’t say anything. 

Not recommended: Please mull over it and reply as soon as you can. 

Recommended: Please, think about it and reply as soon as you can. 

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