Describing The Symptoms Medical Conditions Procedures Using Articles in OET Writing

The use of the articles for the symptoms, medical conditions, procedures is often more confusing for a large number of candidates. A lot of non-native speakers of English do not know where to put the articles, how the use of the articles can make a lot of difference in the meaning that they actually want to convey and the meaning that has wrongly been conveyed because of the wrong or improper use of the articles.

Medical Symbols - Use of the Articles

Many of the medical symptoms require an article. If you do not use a proper article, there are chances that your writing conveys not the intended message but something more funny or improper.

Bad grammar is never accepted in OET writing. You have to be good at Grammar. If you don’t make use of the relevant articles in the content, you will miss the opportunity to do well in the exam.

Most symptoms that require an article include the following:

Sore throat
Runny nose
Swollen ankle

Medical Procedures - Use of the Articles

Similarly, there are many medical procedures that require the use of the proper article in the sentence.

There are so many medical nouns that should be used only with the right articles. Remember, procedures are countable so they require an article.

Some of the examples of the medical procedures that may take an article include the following:

Blood test
CT scan
Stool sample

Medical Conditions - Use of the Articles

Bud, do you know there are some medical conditions that do not take an article?

Take a look at the example

He has a cancer
She has a hypertension
She is struggling with a chron’s disease
She is suffering from a diabetes
She is the patient of the Parkinson’s disease

All the given examples are incorrect. We do not make use of the articles when we talk about certain medical conditions.

Almost all of these medical conditions do not take any article:

Parkinson’s disease
Diabetes etc.

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