Everything About OET Band Descriptors

What is OET? And where is OET accepted?

OET is the Occupational English Test, which is an assessment conducted by Cambridge Box Hill Institute. It measures the aptitude of a person in the English Language. This test is taken by Health care professionals who want to work in an English-speaking surrounding.  
This examination consists of 4 sub-tests that are writing, reading, listening and speaking sub-tests and a grading system consisting of 6 sections. The grading system displays the fair achievements of the students.

We shall discuss the OET Band Descriptors in detail below:
1)     Grade A – This is the highest grade in the band descriptor, which consists of the mark range from 450 to 500. This grade shows that the student has attained the maximum marks in the examination. Grade A indicates that all the requirements are met expected out of an institute. Like, he/she can communicate smoothly without any hesitation to staff members, patients, commoners. The approach from the student is observed if they are flexible, satisfactory, and if they're understanding, writing, and reading skills are up to mark they are the reasons, they are graded A.
2)     Grade B – The second-highest grade in the band descriptor, which is from the mark 350 to 440. This indicates that the student is skilled in many aspects, like communicating efficiently, a steady approach in communication, with a soft tone to everyone around let it be patients or staff. The difference from A-graders would be that, they stumble occasionally, but are well versed in the language and are clinically efficient.
3)     Grade C – The third-highest grade and the mark ranges are from 300 to 340. This grade indicates that the student can speak well versed English but might face seasonal miss happenings, but is capable of following their standard language in their field of clinical studies.
4)     Grade C+ - The fourth-highest grade in the grading system, which indicates the same as the grade C. But this difference is in its mark ranges from 200 to 290. The student appears to be capable of speaking basic good English and can connect with people face some malfunctions and wobbles.
5)     Grade D - The fifth-highest grade. The marks range from 100 to 190. This shows that the student can collaborate but not at a good pace, whilst facing some disturbances. But, can understand direct knowledge/ information provided in his/her clinical field.
6)     Grade E – This is the last grade in the band descriptors. The marks range from 100 to 190. This shows the poor performance of a student, with no proficiency in the English language or on the self’s field with loads of disturbances from the student’s side. And, can only answer simple one on one basic question, small passages, and not well versed.
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