How Nurses Can Improve English To Take OET

Nurses who are desirous of taking OET should be good at English. It is important that you should be good at communicating in English. Obviously, in any healthcare setting, nurses come across situations where they will have to speak English. Good command over the language will make things simple. Interacting with the patients and other colleagues will also become simple. It won’t be a trouble for you if you know how to present yourself in English. Therefore, learning and improving English is of paramount importance. 

How can nurses improve English?

There are various ways through which English can be improved. You will have to pay attention to learning and improving key skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

You can master key skills in one of the following ways:

Reading Skills 

It is time to finesse your reading skills as a nurse. Read as much as you can. Reading can help you a lot. Read medical journals, magazines, books, etc., to make yourself more acquainted with medical English. These resources will bring improvement in you. Read patient notes, focus on technical documents or various other case studies, etc. 

Speaking skills 

Improve speaking skills that you will need to work in a medical environment. You can master speaking skills that are more related to your profession. For instance, you can focus on learning and improving how to interact with the patients, what to say, how to suggest, how to recommend, etc. Similarly, you can pay attention to interactions with your colleagues. As a nurse, you will have to be ready to give answers to common or frequently asked questions. Or you will have to be ready to give general details to new patients or their relatives. So, if you already master what to say and what not to say then it will become easy for you to interact with the patients or your clients. 
Listening Skills 

Often, nurses face difficulty in the OET listening test because they do not understand the pronunciation of the accent used by the speakers. Therefore, paying attention to the same will help a lot with getting a good score in the OET listening sub-test. 

Correct pronunciation is very important. And you will have to have a good understanding of various types of accents as well. One of the best resources to learn more about pronunciation or different accents is YouTube. Yes, you can search for interviews, panel discussions, etc. you can find videos that are related to your field. This may improve your listening skills and will also get a good grasp over medical vocabulary as well. 
Writing Skills

You will have to focus on improving your writing skills. It is critical to success in your OET.  There shall be no grammatical errors. No typos. No errors in punctuation. And what you write shall be relevant to the given case study or the patient notes.  

You can check out some samples. OET official website has placed some writing test samples that you can download. These sample question papers come with the keys. You can take the sample tests and check your score.  Apart from these, there are 

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