How to Ace OET on Computer Exam?

OET is known for Occupational English Test which is given mainly either online or paper based in health care industry. It will be the same paper, same questions, same time, same dates, same format, and same prices as well. It is also accepted worldwide with different regulatory boards.

There would be 4 modules for evaluations like Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The grade will be decided based on the marks they acquire in all these modules. The grades are given mainly basing on the criteria of each module. Many of us think that it is just a piece of cake or just a cake walk to get their required grades but let me explicitly tell you that, it’s not. As the students start their practices, they can understand it’s difficulty and the scoring part.

There are few major opinions which are needed to know while preparing for this online exam:

    Managing the time while practicing or giving the real paper itself is most important.

    If you are keen in typing then this test becomes more convenient as the answers of reading or listening or writing completely based on the speed and accuracy.

    Format of practices are being keen to be prepared first.  

    In OET listening test, not many centers will have the individual headphones but many of them have loud speakers for paper based mainly, so computer-based test becomes easy.

    In OET speaking the test will be given in front of the interlocutor whereas, in computer based it will be given through the virtual zoom link at your house.

    At present, you can give computer-based exam in Medical and Nursing field not in Pharmacy and Radiography those people need to write the paper-based exam.

If you can analyze and overcome these little hurdles then the virtual exam will be the easiest part to get your gratifying grade.

Acing on the computer-based paper is really easy, if the students understand the differences, practice it rightly, and do the exam accordingly as per the guidance of the tutor. Tutor assistance or support is essential in these preparations because there should be someone to guide them in right direction to crack the exam easily along with enough confidence.

Note: Prepare before hand to make sure of successfulness in your OET exam, as we all know time is precious which can be promptly seen in this exam.