How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions in OET

OET candidates will have multiple-choice questions to answer in OET listening sub-test and OET reading sub-test. Answering multiple-choice questions may seem to be an easy task but it really needs some practice. You will have to learn to improve your skills so that you can answer the questions correctly. 
Listening parts B and C will have multiple choice questions. There will be three options for you to pick from (There are three possible answers like A, B and C). 
In the Reading sub-test, part B will have three options such as A, B and C but part C will have four options such as A, B, C and D.  
Of course, the best thing about multiple-choice questions is that the answers are there right in front of you but you will have to be smart enough to find out and pick the correct answer. 
The downside is that there are many candidates who take a very simple approach to answering the questions. They believe that it will be easy and that is their mistake. To spot the correct answer from the multiple choice questions, you will have to follow a strategy. It can be possible to select the correct answers using some techniques. 
Rule 1 - Understanding the questions 
The question will have all necessary information for you to arrive at the right answer. So, read the question carefully. There are two types of questions that you get in your OET. 
A short answer question - What are the major things to consider as described in this medical guide?
A sentence completion question - if this drug is overdosed ………
There are some students who find the second type of question to be very much difficult. They really do not understand what can complete the sentence effectively (the fact that it is not phrased as a question makes it difficult to comprehend and answer). 
But, this problem can be resolved.  You need to read the start of the sentences with all the options given. You can join to check out what is more meaningful. This will certainly help you turn an incomplete sentence into a question.   
Rule 2 - Understanding the given options 
In part B, you can read the verb that is given in the question. You need to focus more on what the verb means and how it is different to verbs that are given in other options. 
Sent back
Try to put the verbs into your own words. This is to make sure that you really understand them. It is also possible that you will read or hear synonyms rather than exact words.  
Inform this to the manager
Describe how it occurs 
Rule 3- Utmost Attention
You need to concentrate. When you listen, listen with rapt attention. When you read, read more carefully. The moment you lose your concentration; you take yourself far from the correct options. 
OET practice tests can be helpful to you. You can practice OET and take it confidently too. 
For instance, taking OET practice tests, you can learn to improve your skills.  
Rule 4 - Skip difficult questions
If there is a question that is very hard for you to answer, it is good to skip that or you can get back to it later before you submit your test. Otherwise, it will consume a lot of your time and you will miss out on the opportunity to answer all the questions within the given time.   
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