How To Apply For The Testing Accommodation For OET On Computer

OET has always been at the forefront of offering reasonable Testing Accommodations that the OET applicants may need. 

The process of applying for the testing accommodation is simple. At the time of registration for the OET, you need to indicate that you will be interested in applying for the testing accommodation as well.  

Once you register for the OET, you will receive an email to your registered email address. There will be the details related to your OET and along with it you will also find a link which will take you to the booking process for the testing accommodation. Click on the given link to initiate your booking process. You need to provide all the necessary information and submit it to the testing committee. The committee will review your request and make necessary arrangements for you. 

Click on this link to get started: 

You will also be asked to upload documents. So, keep your documents ready too. 

You will be requested to describe the type of arrangements that you may need. You will have to be very clear about it. Provide the reasons along with a medical certificate together with other supporting documentation (as needed). 

OET provides one or more of the following Testing Accommodations (as of 2020). But, these testing accommodations will be dependent on the specific needs of the OET candidate’s medical condition. 

OET applicants can request for a separate room, food requirements, nursing break, some special medication or medical equipment (including but not just limited to special headphones such as noise cancelling headphones, etc), extra time (more than what is given between the scheduled OET sub-tests), additional lighting, zoomed or enlarged text, etc. 

Note, children are not allowed at the testing venue. So, you can’t place a request for the same. However, if you place your request for it then such a request will not be taken into consideration. 

However, if your specific testing accommodation is not listed here then you can request for it.  

Once you submit the request for the Testing Accommodation, the committee may take some time to review and reply back to you. If your request is approved then you will receive an email. It is possible that one of the representatives from the Testing Accommodation team may also contact you and help you with finalizing your booking arrangements for the OET subtest (applicable for the reading, writing and listening sub-tests only).  

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