How To Get Ready For The OET Speaking Sub Test

Many OET candidates have a good understanding of English grammar. But they are at a loss when it comes to speaking. This is a common problem. Many of the candidates face this issue. They may manage to get a good score in other sub-tests such as Reading, Listening and even Writing but Speaking sub-test creates a blockade for them on their way to success in OET. 

The only way to deal with this problem is improving speaking skills. Developing fluency by huge amounts of listening is the best strategy. Practice is very important.  

Remember, listening is the foundation for speaking. Listen to plenty of medical content. This will help you a lot with speaking well. Well, you can ask why medical content. The simple reason is your OET is a test that will contain medical content. 

Practicing with a partner 

It is always good to find someone who can help you with improving your skills. There must be one such person in your friends’ circle or in your neighborhood. Or one of your family members can be a great support for you. You also have the option to join one of the local clubs or organizations where you can befriend some people. Talking with them in English will improve your skills. 

Learning from mistakes 

Everybody makes mistakes. During your learning process you may find it difficult to express your thoughts in English. Slowly but surely, you will see improvement in your skills. You will start speaking in a much better way. With good fluency.  Remember, learning is a continual process. You do not have to stop improving your English speaking skills. 

Listen and speak 

When practicing, it is important that you listen to as much English content as you can. There are plenty of audio books, or websites which can read the content for you. (or applications that can read the content for you). There are videos on YouTube that can give you an idea of how to speak. Listen properly and with a rapt attention to grasp those speaking skills.

You may not be good at judging your own speaking skills. Therefore, take help from someone who can give you a fair review of your speaking skills. There is nothing demoralizing in it. Taking the feedback, you can focus on what you are lacking in. 

Relearn grammar - focus on healthcare content 

As a healthcare expert, you need to be good at both simple, day-to-day English and medical English. When you interact with patients, you will have to use simple English. For all your medical communications with the colleagues or for various other reasons, you will have to focus on medical English. There are so many books available online that teach medical English. You can buy one of those books to learn more about grammar and start implementing the techniques at the workplace. 

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