How to Pass OET Listening Sub Test in 2020

Healthcare professionals take OET in order to be able to work in an English working environment. This exam has 4 sub-tests and one of which is of listening skills. This listening sub-test has a total of three parts, with the total number of 42 questions only stationed to ask in the field of general medical science. The total time given for this test is 50 minutes.

So, today we shall learn some easy and clean mechanisms to crack this sub-test!

1.    Developing Good Listening Skills:

Listening to an audio, or video may get tiring and you may lose patience often, but without good listening skills, you may not be able to score desired marks. So, to improve listening skills, start listening to audios and videos with a little tough and good English used, so that you will get used to unfamiliar words. Listening to different audios every day is a practice for you to cultivate good English from good sources. It will increase the speed of your hearing and you will be able to note down your answers soon.

2.    Regular Practice:

As the quote goes “Practice makes a man perfect”, is the most righteous thing, in the exam only practice will help you sail through. During practicing you can cultivate the habit of making notes simultaneously as you listen to a topic, making notes will help you gain answers quickly. You can practice online, listen to various audios, answer questions, keep an eye on spelling, analyze basic requirements the evaluator would look for. It will help you gain confidence and during main exam, you will be energized and will not be afraid to answer any difficult question whatsoever.

3.    Time-Management:

One of the essential aspects of any exam is Time management. Managing your time is a difficult task altogether along with the exam pressure. How wastage of time usually occurs is when, you hover over the same question, when you miss out on words in your audio, occurrence of unfamiliar words. To overcome all this is to be attentive, alert and not panic. Alertness is one of the main keys to score better, as you will minimize the chance of missing out on words. Do not panic when you hear new words, or unfamiliar texts, it is bound to happen, so the best thing to do is analyze your whole text and derive a meaning and form sentences. Panicking will only lead to waste of time.

4.    Answering Accurately:

Answering on point is the basic requirement in this exam, as writing irrelevant answers would be of no use. In the listening sub-test, you will find answers very easily in the question itself, all you need to do is analyze and apply your skill. Writing irrelevant answers would only make the evaluator skip, and not give much importance to you answers.

5.    Being Up to Date About Medical-Science Topics:

This exam is to measure your English proficiency, but it is also recommended that you should have good knowledge on your profession or other healthcare sectors. As the content of the test is completely related to healthcare.

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