How to Pass OET Reading Test in 2020

OET is a globally renowned English test, which is taken up by healthcare professionals who would want to work in an English-speaking environment.
OET consist of four sub-tests, and one among them is the reading sub-test. The OET reading sub-test consists of three parts, with a total of 42 questions with a time frame of 60 minutes. With part-A having 15 minutes of time and part B and part C having 45 minutes.

We shall discover some uncomplicated methods of cracking this sub-test!

1.   Developing Reading skills:

Having good reading skills, helps you improve English in every aspect, from reading, writing to speaking. If this habit is developed, you will get familiar with words and various specialized contents and words. It will have a direct impact on your confidence while attempting this exam. Time- Management can be managed, as you read every day you will increase the speed of your reading along with understanding the context simultaneously, and don’t have to go back to reading the context 3-4 times, this will come handy in time-management. Reading newspapers, educational magazines, science, and medical-related important magazines, will not only help you get a reading habit but will also help you to gain knowledge and get you familiar with uncommon words.
2. Satisfactory Grammar and Vocabulary:

Grammar and vocabulary are the key points to any language you learn, the same applies here in English too! Having good grammar, you will be able to read faster and have a grip over the content the second you read it. Without grammar and vocabulary, it is difficult to understand the concept thoroughly. If you are under-confident about this, then do practice papers, take the help of online vocabulary and grammar exercises, which tend to be fun. Plus, the point of the online exercise is, when you analyze your own mistakes and learn, you get the idea of wrong and right on your own independently.
3. Reading the questions first:
Sounds weird? But this is the fastest way for you to find answers from paragraphs, which would save you time and you can concentrate on other sections in the exam. As you read the questions first, and then read the paragraph next, you can keep underlining key words answers that you think fit just at one go, you need not go back again and again to revise the paragraph. This makes your brain work simultaneously and helps you achieve your desired marks.
4. Analyzing the final answers:

Often it’s seen among students, that they hurry into writing answers, and make the simplest mistakes and lose marks. You could lose marks in basic vocabulary and grammar, in spelling mistakes, or copying down the wrong answers so the final analysis of the answers is another key to getting good marks. And it is very important that you do not leave any question. Since it’s a reading test, every answer will be hidden in the questions. Panicking when seeing an uncommon word, will make it messy, please do not fear the specialized words given, analyze the meaning, and write down the final answer.  

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