How To Show Confidence in OET Speaking

When you speak, it is important that you should be confident enough too.

Most of the OET candidates are good speakers but they do not show confidence. They speak correct English but they have some fear and this creates a problem. 

In this post we will tell you how you can be confident or what you can do to show that you are confident about yourself. 

Certainly, it is not one of the speaking test criteria to get a good score but it may help you.

Your interviewer, interlocutor would like to see how confident you are about your own skills. They will not directly judge you but they will focus on it. 

Eye contact with the examiner 

You need to keep good eye contact when you speak or listen. This will be the first step to showcasing your confidence.  

Body language 

How you behave matters a lot. Your body position will also be a factor that determines how confident you are. Take on a power stance. Do not just fold yourself in the chair. Sit upright.  

Don’t make unnecessary movements 

Don't fidget. Be still. You don't have to make unnecessary movements. This will give a bad impression. You shall not hold a pen or pencil and fidget constantly. Do not tap your feet on the floor. Do not make tapping noise with your fingers on the table.  

It is not bad to be animated and make some movements with your hands when you talk. But, yes, you do not have to move your hands around when you are expected to listen to the OET examiner. 
Keep a smile on your face

In your medical practice, at your workplace it is important that you should greet the patients with a smile on your face. You do not have to look tense. You shall not look serious. The patients will feel uncomfortable when you put on a serious posture. So, keep a smile on your face. Your speaking test is based on real-time workplace situations. You are expected to play your role in a professional way. 

Handshake to begin conversation 

You can handshake to begin your conversation with the patient (during the role play your interlocutor will act as your patient or your client). A firm handshake shows that you are confident. This will also make the patient feel relaxed. 

Talk slowly and calmly 

You do not have to blurt out answers. Don’t be in a rush. You will have ample amount of time to express yourself. Talk slowly and with patience. This will make the listeners listen to you properly and understand you as well. 

OET Speaking Test Practice

Before you take the real OET speaking test, it is always recommended that you should focus on attending a few mock interviews. This will build your confidence as well. You will not fear it. You will be able to get a good score in it.

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