How to Use Role Play

Before you take your OET speaking subtest, it is important that you should be prepared for it. But, how would you prepare for it?

Role-play is crucial as the score of the test is depended on it.

Set up and run a role-playing session before your OET exam.

Clearly Identifying The Situation

Clearly identifying the situation is the first step. Check first what the role-play is about. Analyze the case/situation well. Of course, if you do not understand anything you can ask the examiner. But, when, once the role-play is started, you can’t do anything. This will lead to negative marketing.

Prepare Mentally

There is not much time for you to start. So, when you receive the role-play cards, start preparing yourself mentally. You shall have enough detail about the situation/case before you start the test.

Understanding The Assigned Role

Most of the time, candidates do not do well in the Speaking OET exam because they do not understand their role properly. Of course, the first impression matters a lot. So, understand well before you begin.

Begin When You Are Ready

So. when you get the card and you are ready, start speaking about it.

Make sure you know the setting/situation and the other character that is involved in the role-play.

Deal with the situation as it is really happening.

That is very important. Assume that you are talking not with the interviewer or the examiner but with a patient or the client.
Use your medical knowledge and your language to put things in a different way.

Acting out the scenario

How are you going to represent yourself in the speaking OET sub-test? Prefer to select a more customer-friendly tone.

And try a different approach when you think first approach is not working.

 And yes, be careful when the scenario builds up in intensity.

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