Importance of Adapting Speech To Context For Nurses Preparing For The OET

As a nurse, when you speak to a patient, you need to be psychologically trained and know how to put things in the right order. The way you use the language will create a great impact on the conversation with the patient. There is a need to change the language as per the context of the situation. You need to know how to adapt to the context you are speaking in.  

It is important to change your way of speaking as per the demanding context. Generally, the use of language should be based on how you are talking to, emotions of the patients, the medical conditions of the patient, and of course, how familiar you are with the patient.

Who you are talking to

You will not talk to two patients in the same way. A patient who is aged 40 and the other one who is 50+ shall be dealt with in a different way.

Emotions of the patients

Different patients have different levels of emotions. So, it is important to judge what the patient feels. If you can analyze this then you will be in a state to talk to the patient in a proper way and make him or her feel good.

Medical conditions of the patient

A patient suffering from severe medical illness or diseases (for instance, a patient with high blood pressure and high sugar) may feel more exhausted and droopy. Such patients shall be given much encouragement so that they can easily fight their health problems and lead a better life.

Familiarity Factor

The language you will use to treat a patient who is familiar with you will become inappropriate for a patient who is new to you.

If you are the one who knows the patient well then it is possible that you carry out the conversation in a much simpler way and try to make things clear for the patient. But, if you do not know the patient well then it really makes sense to deal with the patient more professionally (but at the same time, you will have to be friendly too, make use of the right words).  

You will have to change your vocabulary as per the context.

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