Importance of Keeping The Write Up Simple in OET Writing Sub Test

In OET Writing sub-test, keeping the write-up simple is very important.

Your examiner will not want you to write something more complex to understand.

Make use of the words wisely. Make sure that you pick the words that are common and easy to understand.

Before you begin writing your referral letter, make a plan. Read the case notes and decide on how you can present the notes in the right way. You need to explain the basic details about the patient and the major problem the patient is facing.

Keep these introductory lines simple and do not overload them with heavy and high-sounding words. Your examiner would want to read simple English. Do not assume that you will have to display your medical terminology in order to impress the examiner.

Avoid making use of jargon

This is the best thing. Of course, at places where the use of the Jargon is irresistible, you can use it but unnecessarily you should not use it. If simple words can help you explain the matter, then go ahead and use them.

Technical terms that are common are always preferred. But, substituting lay descriptions for the technical terms is not at all good. This will lead to a low score. Your examiner will not like it.

You shall not explain the terms you are making use of in the letter.

  • Surgical removal of the stomach (gastrectomy)
  • Blood clot (thrombosis)
  • Underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).
  • Scarring (fibrosis)

Similarly, you do not have to adorn your medical language with high-sounding words.

When you can use the word “USE” in place of "Utilize" it is better.

Similarly, you can say “Randomly” in place of "In random fashion,"

It is always better to say “x-ray” instead of "imaging modality,"

Use the word “benign” when you say to describe "benign nature,"

“To diagnose” is better than "in order to diagnose,"

And “To treat” is better than "for therapeutic purposes.”

If you say medical care it is good. Much better than “health care."

Follow coherence

You need to link your sentences in the right way. You do not have to add information that is not needed. Make sure that you describe the situation in a precise way without exaggerating anything.

And more importantly, you do not have to repeat the things. You do not have to say the same things in two different ways. If you do so to cover the word count, you will receive a poor score in it.

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