Improve Your Confidence For OET Speaking Sub Test

Confidence is a very important thing. Some people have it innately whereas some people develop it. You really do not have to spend a lot of time to build it. Just a little practice will be enough. Here are some tips you can use to make yourself more confident while speaking during your test. 

OET Speaking Sub-Test is one of the biggest challenges for the test-takers. Even if you are good at writing, it can be difficult for you to get through this speaking test. There are some candidates who have strong hold over English but owing to diffidence they do not speak well in front of the people. 

Take a deep breathe

Most of the candidates get nervous. But, you do not have to be nervous. Medically speaking, you need to have enough oxygen in your blood to feel more relax and more confident. Take a deep breath before you start speaking. Be ready for it.  Say to yourself that you can cross this hurdle. It will become easy for you. 

Don’t use filler phrases 

Refrain yourself from making use of filler phrases. There are certain words, word-groups or phrases that most of the people use continuously. For instance, “I think,” “I guess,” “I mean,” and various other word-groups or phrases. You shall not use these fillers as it may show that you are not confident. The examiner will take this faltering and you will lose your chance to get a good score in your OET.  

Don’t be in haste

You don't have to speak fast. Speak slowly. Speak meaningfully. When you speak slower, you can sound more confident too. You will also get a bit of time to think. You can speak more intelligently. 

Keep a smile on your face 

Let positivity prevail. Keep a smile on your face. Show that you are happy talking to the patient or the client (interlocutor or the interviewer). 

Practice before your test 

It is always suggested that you should spend enough time practicing a little how to speak. When you are prepared for it then it becomes easy for you. Of course, apart from preparing answers to common questions that you may get in the test, you need to be ready to act spontaneously as well. 

Don’t fear 

You do not have to fear anything. Fear is one of the biggest barriers that make candidates diffident. They do not create sentences or feel difficult to create sentences because of the fear of going wrong. But, you need to learn to speak and break yourself free from the shackles of this fear. 

You can visualize success

You can visualize success. Imagine yourself speaking perfectly well and getting a good score in your OET speaking sub-test. This visualization will help you a lot with making you feel more confident.   

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