Learning Resources To Improve OET Reading Skills

OET reading sub-test can be challenging for you if you do not make yourself ready for it. Do not assume that it will be simple.

You will have to read and understand the text to answer the questions. Different types of questions will be there in the test such as sentence completion, short answer questions, matching, etc.

Part A of the reading sub-test would require you to read as fast as you can and answer the questions. You get only 15 minutes for this part of the test. There will be 4 short texts which will be related to only one particular healthcare topic and you will have to read them carefully to answer 20 questions. 

Part B and Part C are all about careful reading. You will have to analytically scan the text to arrive at the correct answers. Part B will judge your ability to identify the main points or the gist of the given texts (Part B will have six short texts and each will carry 100-150 words). Part C will judge your skills to identify the opinions, suggestions or the recommendations given in the text. There will be different texts (and each of these will carry a minimum of 800 words). You will have to answer three-option multiple-choice questions. 

OET Reading Resources 

So, where do we get these texts from? Are there any resources? Or they are prepared from scratch by the test committee? 

Well, these are the texts taken from various resources. 

There are so many medical journals, magazines, free learning resources for the medical doctors and nurses. The texts are taken from the journals, academic books, radio recordings, interviews of healthcare experts, lectures, speeches, etc. 

You can check out the following resources to make yourself more adept at OET reading

  • ABC health newsletter
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • Annals of Family Medicine 
  • JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association 
  • Science Magazine for the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • British Medical Journal (BMJ)
  • BMC Family Practice 
  • The Journal of Pediatrics 
  • Nature Medicine 
  • Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Journal of the National Cancer Institute 
  • Academic Medicine 
  • Medical Journal of Australia
  • Free Medical Journals
  • Clinical Medicine 
  • The American Journal of Surgery
  • American Journal of Nursing 
  • Journal of Advanced Nursing 
  • BMJ Health and Care Informatics 
  • OMICS International

Often the passages or the pieces of text used for the OET reading sub-test are slightly modified. 

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