Letter Writing For Nurses Referral Letters

As a nurse, it will be one of your primary responsibilities to create letters. You are expected to be good at it. OET knows the importance of this aspect of medical practice. Therefore, you are required to showcase your writing skills in the test.

So how should it be? 

A referral letter is an important letter. As a nurse you will have to focus on the following things:

The beginning should be appropriate

The beginning should be more relevant to the case that you are dealing with. When you read the case notes, you understand more about the patient. 

You will have to include all these main points. Why was the patient admitted into the hospital? What are the major health issues? What is the treatment the patient received?  What is the prescribed medication? Are there any changes in the health of the patient? What follow-up is needed?
Importance of Case Notes 

Case notes will give you a clear idea about the case. But, it is important that you should take it as a source of reference and create your own notes. You will get information in a summary format and you are expected to take from it important points. You need to present information in a precise way without elaborating more. 


Most of the candidates do not focus on punctuation marks. But, they are very important. You need to know where to use colon or semicolon, comma, or other punctuation marks. Generally, it is recommended that you keep the sentences short and simple if you are the one who is good at using punctuation marks. If you try to create long sentences then you will have to punctuate them properly too. In most cases, candidates create long sentences and punctuate the sentences improperly which results in distortion. So, to make the meaning clear, it is recommended that you should use only small sentences. 

Use a variety of sentences

You are expected to make use of a variety of sentences in your letter. Generally speaking, it is one of the criteria for scoring in the writing test but still, it is suggested that you should write as creatively as you can with sentences that are of different forms.

Focus on what you say 

You do not have to beat around the bush. You will have to be very straightforward. Communication needs to be effective. There is no point in saying the same thing again and again with different words and sentences. Moreover, it is important that you should cover all the important information. Before you begin writing, take some time out to focus on the notes and analyze them properly. You can plan and then begin writing.  

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