Linguistic Criteria in OET Speaking Sub Test

Your OET Speaking Sub-Test will be evaluated based on linguistic and clinical communication criteria. It is important that you should know about the assessment criteria as this will make it easy for you to score higher in the test. 

Let us talk about linguistic criteria. 

If you are applying for the OET then it is very important that you should have good command over English. If your English is poor then it can be very difficult for you to get through the test. It is always recommended that you should spend time improving English.  


The OET Assessors will focus on your English. It is necessary that your language should be understandable. On a daily basis you need to communicate with different patients. Communication is a part of effective healthcare delivery. You need to focus more on your pronunciation, accent and intonation. Your listener should be able to understand your language. 


You do not have to speak fast. There is a wrong idea that speaking fast is fluency. You need to learn to speak as clearly and distinctly as you can. You need to maintain adequate speed. It should be smooth.  

Appropriateness of Language: 

You need to make use of appropriate language. Pick words intelligently. You will have to focus on the actual subject or the matter. There is no point in making use of language that is not wanted. If you are saying something that is not at all relevant to the topic or the subject then it will not give you any advantage. If your listener is comfortable listening to you and he or she is able to understand your language and it also answers his or her queries then you have accomplished your task. 
Resources of Grammar and Expression: 

Good grammar plays a pivotal role. If you speak incorrect English then you will lose marks. So, focus on grammar. Try to make use of different grammatical structures while you speak.  You shall use proper tenses. Present, past and future tenses. 

When you focus on above linguistic criteria then it will become easy for you to score higher in OET. 

Remember, OET speaking sub-test also gives more importance to clinical criteria. 

You need to pronounce words as clearly as you. You do not have to mimic any foreign accent. Make use of simple and easy-to-understand words. Each and every word should be pronounced clearly and distinctly. 

You may deal with the patients with different mindsets and healthcare conditions. So, you are expected to display good soft skills too. You need to know how to deal with the patients. You need to focus on building relationships with the patients, making them more comfortable and helping them get over their medical problem. 

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