Muddled with Article usage in OET?

OET is a mixture of language and medical proficiency. It is mandatory for us to be rich in both sides of knowledge to balance the curvature. As the students who are in the healthcare industry will be applying for this test and are aware of the medical proficiency so, needed to be richer in other edge which is the language requisition. 

Now let’s try to look at a single aspect in that language ocean, which is the usage of indefinite article. When we talk about indefinite article, we should also understand about definite article which is “The”. The is used before a specific noun where it can be used for singular and plural nouns as well. 

Coming to the indefinite article, we need to understand that “a” and “an” are known for the indefinite article. If used these articles rightly you can see the quality of it in writing and can ace in the OET exam. So, while preparing itself students need to understand it’s usage in right places. Once understood and used you’ll get the track of it and the practice becomes handy. Now, let us see where all we can practice these articles:


  • Before an Adjective: It describes the quality with an added essence in it like article, adjective and noun in a sentence.

Example: There is a wonderful scenic in Kashmir this year.

  • When referred to an idea: The authors try to explain their idea with the use of “a” and “an” for the first time they use but when they want to refer back the same then the definite article is used in place of a or an.

Example: There’s a poor boy who sits near my street for food every day. The boy will always be there in time to take his food.

  • Indefinite article usage in countable nouns: When there is a single noun present in the sentence to elevate.

Example: My brother has written me a letter.

  • Before Phoneme: According to the phonemes (speech sounds) usage of indefinite article will change. 

Example: Wrong Answer: He is “a” MBA graduate.
Correct Answer: He is an MBA graduate.

Sample Article Practices:

  • ______ building is 5 years old.
  • _____ honest man is there in the village.
  • _______ apple ____ day keeps _____ doctor away.

To conclude with, we all should practice the uses of these articles to have a hold on the language properly because this looks like a small topic but has its own value in itself when comes to the evaluations.

Suggestion: Have a reading habit, where try to observe each and every article how it’s been used until you get its usage correctly. 

Note: Practice with the correct guiding persona to get its right essence.