OET 2.0 Preparation for Nurses

Are you a nurse? Are you looking for a great career in nursing in one of the English-speaking countries like Australia? Well, if it is so then it is time that you shall apply for the OET. 

NEW OET 2018 For Nurses 

Nurses will take new OET from September 2018. The older version is no longer valid. There has been a lot of changes in the OET and all these changes have been made with the view to make it more accurate and effective in assessing healthcare communication skills of the medical professionals. 

Why shall you prepare for New OET 2018?

There is a common saying, “If you prepare yourself for the difficult things, you win over them.”  So, if we understand what it teaches then it will help us get to the level of success we want. 

It is true that OET will have content that is pertaining to healthcare and being a nurse, it may not be difficult for you to understand or respond to questions. But, here, the reality is different. OET is not going to test whether the nurse is more proficient in nursing or not, whether the nurse has got good nursing qualities or not, whether the nurse has got the experience of nursing or not. Rather, it is going to assess whether the nurse has got the medical language skills nor not. To be able to work in English healthcare environment, a nurse is expected to be more fluent in healthcare language. Day-to-day conversations may involve the use of this special language. A nurse will have to talk to the doctors, take the suggestion from the doctors. A nurse will have to speak to the patients or the relatives of the patient from time-to-time. A nurse will have to prepare the notes and share with the head staff. There can be so many duties to perform which can’t be possible if you're not good at English. Your dream to work in one for the best hospitals or the clinics in English country will remain just a dream and you will not be able to achieve what you would like to achieve in your life. 

Preparation For OET 2018 For Nurses 

You may be good at your subject matter. You may be good at performing your job. You may have good nursing skills but do you have good healthcare communication skills? Do you have good command over medical English? Do you have the skills to talk to the other healthcare professional, patients, agents or clients in effective medical language? Well, if not then it is time that you shall pay more attention to improving your healthcare communication skills because, this OET is all about language assessment. If you are good at understanding or communicating with people by making use of effective healthcare communication skills then it is just enough for you. 

OET preparation will provide you necessary help. You will understand more about the inherent difficulties of the test and you will then be able to cope up with the problems. You will be able to get through it by getting yourself trained in OET.