OET 2.0 Speaking Test Format

Occupational English Test (OET) from September 2018 is going to be very different. Yes, if you are the one who is going to take this test then it is necessary that you shall get yourself more acquainted with the latest OET version. 

Is it going to be more difficult or much simpler?

It is hard to say but it has been updated with the view to make it more effective. Of course, assessment of all essential language skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking has moved to the next best level. There are many changes in the new pattern of OET which are aimed at judging the required medical language skills in a more influential way. 

What is the big change in the test?

There are a plethora of changes in the way the paper is constructed. Writing sub-test has got no change but the other three sub-tests with respect to reading, listening and speaking has got a lot of changes. In fact, the evaluation process for the three sub-tests has also been updated which means the examiner will be applying new criteria to evaluate the papers.  

What is about new OET speaking sub-test? 

The format of the test has not got changed but candidate’s responses to a wide range of workplace communication-related questions will be assessed in a different way. Responses will be examined applying different principles. Overall communicative effectiveness (as it was there in the older version of the OET evaluation), has now been replaced with the new criterion that is clinical communication skills. Here, we have listed down clinical communication skills which the examiner might look for. 

  • Relationship building  
  • How well the medical professional understands the patient's perspective
  • How good the medical professional is in creating a proper structure or communicating his or her ideas  
  • How good the candidate is in collecting information from the patient or the client 
  • How good the candidates is in establishing what the patient might share or already know of

The changes have been made after careful research, reviews, and focus on the requirements of what the present and future health care industry requires. Research from the university of Melbourne which provides necessary information on what matters the most to healthcare has been taken into consideration and the changes have been made in accordance to the research data. Here, the skills required are patient-centered care which every medical professional shall have and in the test, the same skills are evaluated. Candidates who are going to have such skills is going to gain higher score in the test for sure. It is important that the candidates shall play their role more naturally and respond to questions of the interview or ask interviewers the questions as needed so that the communication is two-way. 

Are you going to take OET? Well, better be prepared for it first. Without enough preparation, it may not be easy for you to get through it. So, prepare yourself for it before you take it. 

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