OET 2018 FAQs

OET test-takers will have to take new version of the test from September, 2018. Yes, new changes have already been implemented. The revised test will come into effect from September 9, 2018. Here, we have answered a few of the common questions which most of the test-takers have doubts about.

What is OET 2018? What is OET 2.0?

OET 2018 or OET 2.0 is new version of the test.  This will have four subtests as that of the previous version. The four sub-tests will assess the four different skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening.

How is OET 2017 different from OET 2018?

Well, the new pattern is going to take effect on 9 September, 2018. Not many changes have been made. There will be changes only in reading and listening sub-tests. Writing and speaking have got no change.

Why OET has been updated?

It has been updated in order to ensure that it stays more relevant to healthcare profession, professionals or hiring firms, employers, organizations. The updates have been included based on research processes, consultation with some of the experts, stakeholders and feedback received from professionals.

Is it going to be more difficult or easier for the candidates?

To be honest, this is going to be much more difficult. In fact, OET test formulation team says that the difficulty level will stay the same but still it is predicted that it is going to be tougher for the candidates.

What are the major changes in Listening Sub-test?

The test has been modified in order to comply with the changes in the healthcare industry.

In Part A, there will be consultation conversations but there will be changes in question format.  
In Part B, there will be 6 different but short dialogues or monologues (with respect to workplace or profession).  
In Part C, there will be long interview or presentation. Candidates will have multiple choice questions to answer.  
Different range of accents will be introduced.  

What are the major changes in Reading Sub-test?

The reading test has been updated with goal to make it more relevant and challenging as per the current trends in the healthcare industry.

There will be three sections.
In Part A, there will be four short texts. Here, there will be no summary to complete.  There will be different types of questions to answer.
In Part B, six short texts will be there related to workplace.
In Part C, there will be two long passages.  
Candidates will have multiple choice questions to answer.

What has been updated in the Writing Test?

No changes.

What has been updated in the Speaking Test?

Well, this is going to be a bit different and more difficult for sure. OET interviewer will assess clinical communication skills which include but not just limited to building relationships, how the candidate understands patients perspectives, how the candidate provides solutions for the problems faced by the patients, how good the candidate is in gathering information from the patient etc.


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