OET 2020 Common Types of the Questions in Listening Sub Test of OET

Taking OET listening test is sometimes challenging to students. Students may panic when it comes to listening test. But you don’t need to worry about it. All that you need to do is to understand types of the questions in listening sub-test. The Listening Sub-Test assess the aspirants, listening skills, attentiveness, and alertness, looking for important points and keys amidst the chaos of conversations, will also assess the aspirants identifying skills of any problems or issues that would be spoken in the recordings. 

The evaluators, who will evaluate the listening sub-tests are highly qualified in the field, who will be very sure to give the students the right marks. The marks given will be based on the scores guide provided by the OET board.

The part A will be evaluated by the evaluators offline, but the MCQ questions will be scanned and the scores will be given out to the aspirants later on. 
Structure and types of questions in OET listening sub-test

Question paper is divided into 2 parts Part A, Part B, and Part C. 

Part A: 
Part A is for checking the student’s attentiveness, as the audio is being played, the students must hear out the essential parts of the conversation, the conversation will be about medical consultations. The aspirant needs to write down the important part of the conversation, he/she needs to continue the given paragraph, after hearing the whole conversation. In total, you will be hearing two conversations between medical consultants. There will be four speakers in total for Part A. you will have 24 gaps to complete in total.

Part B:
Part B has short texts, from which the aspirant will have to analyze the gist, important sentences, give out opinions, recordings from workplaces and etc. the aspirant will be hearing 6 short extracts and 6 multiple choice questions, then they will have to mark answers as this will be multiple-choice questions. The whole task will be listening to the audios and marking answers from those 6 different extracts that will have team briefings, conversations from a health care professional to another. Each short extract will be one minute each. The speakers will be 12 in total.

Part C: 
You will be provided with two extracts of a recorded presentation, and you will have 6 different questions for each extract with a total of 12 multiple-choice questions. Each extract will be five minutes each. The recordings will be again on generalized health care topics. You will have 2-4 speakers in total.

Each question in all the Parts are weighted equally. Follow and understand the extracts you hear, not every question will be direct, some would have hidden answers too, for better understanding and getting better at listening test, make sure you take practice papers and hear them with attentiveness and mark or write your answers. 

All the parts are equally important, do not leave out any questions, listening subtest is easier compared to other subtests. Since there is no negative marking answer all.

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