OET 2020 Why is It All About English Skills and Not The Test of Your Medical Knowledge

Planning to go abroad for work under the medical field? Then you must take OET exam? Are you worried that you are not so sure about your medical knowledge? Then don’t you worry we are giving you some important tips below about how OET does not look into your knowledge much but looks more at your English skills.

Occupational English Test, as the name suggests, is for testing English skills of medical professionals.  

What aspects to focus on in the OET exam?

1)     In this exam, when you are given case studies to write a letter you are not supposed to diagnose the whole case study or understand it in-depth, all you have to do is portray the case study in simple order and write a summary of the case study in good English. When the case studies are presented just make a mental note of the overview or what the case study is portraying, then do the same and put it on the sheets in an organized manner.

2)     OET exam committee checks your writing skills and structure of your writing format. The examiners do not check your medical knowledge, but they check your English skills, about how you put it into words using good grammar and vocabulary. You can write the case study in your words and add on some details and missed out points it will make you look more knowledgeable and approachable. Your test is to acknowledge the details in the case study and not study the case study in depth. The endpoint is that they will be more focused on how good you are at expressing your views and opinions in English.
How you can score better in OET?

1)     First, start off with brainstorming your views and opinions get a clear idea about how you will go on with the case study. 

2)     Secondly, organize your content and start writing in the correct format. Memorize the letter’s format, as the letter’s format will be counted for marking too. 

3)     Use good grammar and vocabulary, make sure you don’t write a case study as it is, add uncommon words and phrases. Keep a good flow of your write up to avoid any disruptions which might lead to decreasing in your marks.

4)     Don’t miss out on any details, add details on your own and write in a good tone, not like you are just giving put information. This way the reader will be comfortable reading what you have to say in the letter.
Above mentioned are some tips which prove that you can score better if you have a good command over English and not much about your knowledge in the medical field. And some added tips to score better in the writing task, as it is considered one of the tricky tasks in the OET exam.      

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