OET and Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are very important for all healthcare professionals. 

Does OET look at interpersonal skills? The answer to the question is YES.  During your speaking test, you are expected to showcase your skills. Of course, the primary assessment would be how well you can speak. But, at the same time, it is also important to take into account that the way you speak matters a lot. 

It is not just a role-play. 

You will have to act professional. Although it is a role-play, yet you are expected to act more professionally and honestly. 

Consider the scenario:

Candidate’s Card:

Task: “You will have to explain to the patient how to self-inject insulin. The patient is a little worried. The patient doesn’t understand why the doctor has recommended the use of insulin. He is worried about his health? He is not able to understand if his sugar level is really high. Or is there any other reason.” 

Of course, while talking to the patient (here, your interviewer will be acting as your client or the patient), you will have to focus on all the tasks given to you.

  • Explain to the patient the procedure of self-injecting insulin
  • Calm down the patient 
  • Clear doubts if the patient has any
  • Make the patient a little comfortable. 

So, without being cooperative, gentle, or kind, it may not be possible to play your role. No matter how good you are speaking, if your body language, your behavior doesn’t show emotion, empathy, cooperation, dedication, softness, you will not be able to get a score in your OET Speaking Sub-Test.  
You will have to feel what the patient is feeling. You will have to make use of emotional intelligence to respond to the patient, or the client. 

Overcoming Problems

Of course, your patient or the client (interviewer) may pose some tricky questions to judge your skills. And you will have to be ready to respond in the best way. 

For instance:
The patient or the client may show some kind of fear in taking the injection. The patient may show sadness. 

The way you deal is a big thing. So, when you are taking the OET Speaking Sub-Test, get prepared for the test of your interpersonal skills as well. Of course, you won’t be marked for those skills but good interpersonal skills will help you breeze through the test. By displaying good interpersonal skills, you can get a good score in your OET. 

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