OET for Nurses 2021

If you are a nurse who intends to practice your profession in an English-speaking country, then OET (Occupational English Test) is the right way to opt.
Taking an English proficiency test is important for any non-native to work in an English majority country and for nurses writing OET proves to be more beneficial than any other English test. You might be wondering why that is? Because OET is the only test that is designed specifically for nurses.

Let us understand in detail why OET is better for nurses.

1. Specially designed – While most English proficiency tests are used to judge the English skills of the candidate in a general setting, OET is used to judge the candidate's English ability in a healthcare environment. OET consists of real life situations taken from hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations to test the candidate's four English skills. Thus, this specifically designed test is easy for nurses as the candidate can use their experience and medical knowledge to ace the test.

In the OET Speaking sub-test, the candidate is required to participate in a role-playing exercise where they interact with a patient. This speaking test does not ask nurses to speak about their daily life or random topics, instead it requires the candidate's to participate in real life nursing settings.

In the OET writing test, the candidate is required to write a referral letter using the information given to you about the patient. This writing task is based on real life situations that nurses face every day.

Preparing for these tasks will help the nurses get an experience of work life in countries abroad. This will improve the candidate's English skills to work in any healthcare setting as well as help them easily pass the test.

2. Familiar Vocabulary – The OET test is easier for nurses as it uses medical vocabulary which is familiar to nurses. While other English tests use complex vocabulary and big words that you will never incorporate in real life.
Nurses will feel more confident preparing for OET as they will have to practice exercises that are already familiar to them. Thus, if you are an expert with medical language, OET will be much easier than any other English test.

3. You Can Still Go With The Traditional Format – Most of the English tests are conducted online which can seem intimidating to most candidates. But OET still allows you to use the traditional format of writing the test on paper and speaking face-to-face with the examiner rather than talking to a computer. This is familiar to nurses as their jobs consist of writing reports and speaking to patients face-to-face. This traditional format helps the candidate feel more confident and sure of themselves.

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