OET Grammar Lessons

Do you write perfectly well?

“There is no such thing as a perfect writer.” Well, it is not exactly true.

Mistakes are bound to occur. But, with little learning, stronghold over grammar and good style of writing, editing, and proofreading before submitting the response can help candidates stand out and shine.

Example 1

How do you write the date at the start of the letter? What is the correct way to write the date at the start of the letter?

Wrong Method: in the 1990’s.

Right Method: in the 1990s.

Example 2

Wrong Method: Marshalls brother is taking care of her. ‘

Right Method: Marshall’s brother is taking care of her.

And do you know? Most of the people who speak English, do not completely say a common word-group such as “Could Have.”

There are many healthcare people who say “could of,”

Check out these sentences:

Wrong Sentences:

We could of met the doctor.
She could of prescribed the medicine early.
She could of prepared the reports.

All three sentences are an example of bad hearing, bad pronunciation.

Correct Sentences:

We could have met the doctor.
She could have prescribed the medicine early.
She could have prepared the reports.

Some more examples:

Check out these examples

Wrong: Its bad condition.
Right: It is a bad condition.

Wrong: Its flower for the patient.
Right: It is a flower for the patient.

Choice of words

Sometimes, words you make use of will have a lot of impact. It is always important to use words that are appropriate for the occasion. It is equally important that you should focus on using the correct spellings. For example, words like affect and effect are often mixed up and they are used with no attention.

Check out these examples:

Wrong:  The blood pressure synchronously downs.
Right: The blood-pressure synchronously falls.

Wrong: On heart and circulation the affects are stimulant.
Right: On the heart and circulation the effects are stimulant.

Wrong: Large dozes are given.
Right: Large doses are given.

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