OET Grammar Resources For Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional who wants to work in an English-speaking country, you need to have good English language skills. Grammar is a key to success. 

If you have only limited knowledge of grammar then it can be difficult for you to score higher in your OET. Therefore, it is important that you shall look for the ways to improve your OET grammar skills. 

So, what are the resources that you can use to improve your English Grammar as a healthcare professional?

Grammar books can be of great help. You can buy one of the best grammar books online. There are so many books available at the most affordable prices. You can pick the best one to learn a little more about grammar.

For instance, Oxford English Grammar is one of the internationally acclaimed books on grammar that you can use to improve your English grammar. 

Other books that can be good for you to learn grammar include the following:

  • Advanced English Grammar with Answers by Hewings
  • Collins Cobuild English Grammar by Collins
  • Practical English Grammar by A.J. Thomson 
  • Practical English Usage: Michael Swan's guide to problems in English (Practical English Usage, 4th edition) by Michael Swan 
  • Essential English Grammar - Supplementary Exercises Indian edition by Helen Naylor and Raymond Murphy
  • English Grammar in Use Book with Answers: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Learners of English by Raymond Murphy
  • Intermediate English Grammar with Answers by Murphy

If you would like to buy a book that is more related to your profession then you can buy one of these books listed down for you.

  • Hospital English: The Brilliant Learning Workbook for International Nurses by Catharine Arakelian.
  • English for Doctors: Authentic Consulting - Room Activities for Doctors, Dentists, Students and Nurses by Maria Gyorffy, Gabor Horvath

Dictionaries for healthcare professionals 

It is always recommended that you shall keep a good dictionary with you. There are dictionaries available online for the nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians, dentists and other healthcare professionals. You can find the meaning of any complex word or phrase anytime you want if you have a dictionary available with you. You can book a dictionary such as Concise Medical Dictionary (Oxford). 

You can find one of the free resources too. 

There is a Medical Dictionary of Health Terms hosted on the Harvard Health Publishing Website. There is a free dictionary available at Web MD Website as well. 

Take some OET Mock Tests 

Take an OET mock test to learn more about the difficulties inherent in the test. This way you will understand how much more you will have to prepare for the test.  You can analyze your skills and take the necessary actions to move forward. When you know about your weaknesses, you can find ways to overcome them and reach your goals. 

Prepare for the OET online 

Want to prepare for the OET? Do not wait. Enroll for the OET exam online training at OETPractice.net. 

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