OET in New Zealand Is New Zealand the Best option for the Medical Professionals

New Zealand can be the best option for the medical field workers, it is seen that in the coming years, the rates of migrants from the health care field has increased due to many factors that are favourable to migrants, workers, and students.
The main two factors are the work-life and quality of life let be it mental or physical.
The work-life balance is appreciated by all the residents as they have been able to manage their work-life very well, going out spending time with family and friends but apart from this a relationship with their boss and managers are in good terms.

Why New Zealand is right choice?

1)     It gets easier when you can feel good about going to the office, we have seen most of the employees being unhappy about going to work all over the world, as there are very rigid timings, no good treatment or understanding of the employee. But there is no such thing in New Zealand as their workplaces are very comfortable and favourable for every employee. There work timings are set by the employees’ convenience and not hard and fast rule for any of their employees. Employees can easily manage home and work with no pressure and stress. 

2)     Everyone waits for weekends, but in New Zealand, weekends come sooner! In many hospitals and workplaces, New Zealand is hiring employees for just four days a week. Yes, you heard it right, New Zealand wants to boost their employee’s life easier and comfortable life, they want to ensure the employees look forward to work and never make excuses. These four days a week job makes it look very easy for anyone who wants to go to New Zealand and work, this is one of their attractive options.

3)     If you are with a kid, then managing home and work will be very hectic, as giving time and looking after a kid’s needs and wants are very important for the kid’s growth. So, New Zealand takes care of this too, they ensure there are long parental leaves available for parents without any disruptions, in New Zealand parental leaves are granted very easily. As of now parents can take the leave for 12 months and get paid leave for 22 weeks. But in 2020 later on, the New Zealand government wants to extend paid parental leaves to 26 weeks. This is how much the government cares about its employees and makes sure they are very comfortable. 
These are some main reasons everyone loves New Zealand, and why health care professionals move to New Zealand after writing OET, as New Zealand is one of the countries that accept OET entrance exams for Health care professionals.   

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