OET is recognized by the Paramedicine Board of Australia

Are you a paramedic? Are you looking forward to working in Australia? You need to take OET - Occupational English Test. This test will demonstrate your communication skills in English. It has become mandatory that you shall take this test and get through it with a good score.

The Paramedicine Board of Australia has now made it a criterion to work in Australia.   Paramedics practitioners will take the test to qualify for work in Australia.

About Paramedicine Board of Australia

The Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board) plays a crucial role in regulating the paramedics in Australia. The board performs functions that include but not just limited to registering paramedics and students, framing, revising and issuing guidelines for the paramedics. The board handles notifications, manages complains, investigates cases as needed.

The board is always at the forefront in assessing overseas healthcare practitioners who would like to practice in Australia.

All these functions by the Paramedicine Board of Australia are supported by AHPRA.
the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency   

The board is established under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. It regulates the paramedics under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme).

The Paramedicine Board of Australia and the OET

Earlier, there was no OET in the ELS registration standard.

Occupational English Test is now recognized by The Paramedicine Board of Australia
Overseas paramedics will have to take the OET in order to prove their proficiency in English. The test is designed to assess English language skills of healthcare practitioners.   

Candidates are required to score a minimum of B in all four sub-tests such as OET Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Sub-tests. The candidates who may not manage to get a score of B in all four sub-tests in one sitting can have the option to apply for the OET second time and get the score.

Over a period of six months, within two sittings, the candidates shall get a score B in OET to be able to work in Australia as a paramedic.  

OET is already recognized by a large number of healthcare boards in Australia and inclusion of The Paramedicine Board of Australia to the list of the Australian healthcare boards that give importance to this healthcare-specific English test is a crucial thing.

Candidates can take this test to meet their visa and registration requirements (to work as a paramedic in Australia).

As OET tests are specific to healthcare and current healthcare practices so it is deemed as the perfect fit for the overseas paramedics who wish to apply for practice in Australia than any other general English language tests that do not lay more focus on healthcare content.

OET is already a recognized test for healthcare professionals in various countries such as the UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Ukraine, UAE, etc.

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