OET Launches Computer Based Testing

Occupational English Test, or abbreviated as OET is a unique test that is solely designed and developed for the healthcare professionals. Nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, dentists and other healthcare experts can take the test to provide proof of their English language competence. 

OET has recently launched its computer-based test which the doctors and the nurses can take. There are over 49 countries and 270 venues. Test-takers can easily apply for the test and take it to accomplish their goals. 

In the past, OET was only a paper-based test. With computer-based tests, OET plans to reach out to more healthcare professionals who look forward to starting their career in English-speaking countries such as Australia, UK, US and others. The test ensures healthcare professionals have the required language skills that can help with effectively communicating with the patients (as effective communication in the healthcare environment is very important for the safety of the patient or to deliver quality healthcare services). 
These computer-based testing venues are present in almost all the major countries such as Australia, USA, UK, and others.   

One Test and Three Delivery Modes

OET on paper is common. There are many centers for such paper-based OET. 

With the launch of the computer-based OET, it has become much convenient for the test-takers as they have the option to take it at the venue or from their home too. 

If you are the one who doesn’t want to take it at a computer-based test venue and you wish to take it from home, you can apply for the OET@Home. It will be remotely proctored and will have the same difficulty level. 

The multi-modal approach to testing has made it all the more possible for the candidates to apply and take it as per their convenience.  

How will these OET sub-tests be?

Candidates will take OET Reading, Listening and Writing sub-tests on computer. 

Speaking sub-test will involve a human interlocutor. You will join via video conferencing software.  

It will be more real for sure. The human aspect of the OET Speaking sub-test will never be compromised. The role-plays via online video conferencing will continue to be as real as in-person role-plays  
Certainly the launch of the OET on computers has really provided necessary support healthcare professionals needed to embark on their international career. The test ensures that the health care systems continue to have professionals who are qualified and have the language requirements needed to work more professionally.   

Want to prepare for the OET? Do not wait. Enroll for the OET training online at OETPractice.net. 

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