OET Listening 2021 Important FAQs

Listening Sub-Test in OET is not difficult provided you know what it comprises. Get to know about the test structure. Prepare for the test. It will become easy to get a good score in it. 

Is anything changed in OET 2021?

No, nothing has been changed. The test structure is just the same. There will be three parts. Part A, Part B and Part C. There will be 42 items and the total listening audio time would be 40 minutes. 

How are marks given in the listening sub test?

The total number of marks available in the test is 42. The biggest part of the test would be Part A which accounts for almost 24 marks, Part B will carry only 6 marks, and Part C will carry 12 marks.

Do the audios have various accents?

Yes, audios will have different accents. All three parts of the test may use different accents with the goal to judge your listening skills. It shows the global nature of the healthcare workforce. Some of the common accents that you may listen to during your OET listening sub test will include British, American, Australian accents. Apart from these major accents, you may also get to listen to accents such as Canadian, South African, and Irish, etc.

Do I have to write the answers in the question booklet for the Part A of the listening test?

Yes, you will have to write the answers in the question booklet for the Part A of the listening test.  

Where do I have to write the answers for the Part B and Part C of the listening sub test?

For Part B and Part C of the test, you need to shade the lozenge next to the appropriate answer. If you write answers anywhere else in the booklet then your answers will be not considered by the examiners. 

I heard that there will be no extra time given to check the answers?

No, you will get some time for sure. There will be two minutes at the end of the test for you to check your answers. You need to speed up.  

How should my answers be? Do I have to write the exact words or phrases that i listen to?

It is important that you should provide exact words or phrases as answers for the part A of the test (that is consultation). You will have to complete the notes by making use of the same words. You are not supposed to even phrase them as this wil be considered a wrong answer. 

What about abbreviations in the test?

You can use those abbreviations that are common. But, you should not use uncommon abbreviations which can be confusing (As the use of uncommon abbreviations will not be considered). 

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