OET Listening Strategies

Often, you can hear some kind of Research Trials that the medical professionals have undertaken, or what they are aware of, or on some kind of surveys relevant to their research topic. In such case, you should be ready to answer questions about trials and patient surveys during the OET Part C test.

Tips and strategies
Improve your listening skills:

  • Practice listening to diverse audio scripts and videos about various health related issues.
  • Practice listening the audio scripts from different English-speaking countries. By doing so, you will be able to understand different types of pronunciations for similar words, different types of accents and tones etc.
  • Never get tempted to listen to the audio scripts of non-native speakers just because you are attracted to their stories. This kind of a practice is not appreciated for OET preparation.
  • Be smart to grasp the main idea of the speaker or audio script, purpose of the conversation and personal experiences mentioned in the auditory.

Concentrate on the headings – for instance, there will be an instruction, saying, “You will hear a conversation with a neurosurgeon called Dr. Dominic Roy, specialized in the treatment of sports injuries”

Do not forget to go through the questions and note down the question keywords.

Be aware of the paraphrased keywords, such as:

                                                                 In the question you might have read as “One of the aims of the new guidelines….”
                                                                Whereas in the auditory you may hear as “Now, you may hear for, “one of the goals”, “the main objective”.

Be aware of the traps, such as: 

  • “I thought………, But……” – in this case, the phrase “I thought” is the first view of the speaker, while the phrase “But….” is the second view of the speaker
  • Therefore, whenever you hear a conjunction with a contrast, be careful to select the second opinion as your answer.

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