OET Listening Sub Test Complete Guide


OET Listening sub-test can be tricky for the candidates. There will be 42 questions to answer.  The content of the test is generic in nature, suitable for all healthcare professionals. (It will just be the same for all the healthcare professionals). 

How many parts will there be in the test?

Three parts - Part A, Part B and Part C.  

What is the total length of the audio (listening audio)? 

It will be 40 minutes. (this also comprises pauses - time given to you to record the answers based on recordings). 

How many times recordings will be played?

Well, it is a test so, recordings will be played only ONCE. You will not hear it twice. So, be prepared to grasp well and answer the questions.  

Do I have to write the answers while listening?

It is recommended that you shall listen and write down the answers simultaneously. If you wait to record the answers, then you will miss out on answering the questions properly. 

What about keywords in the questions? Will I hear the same words in the recordings as given in the questions?

No, nine times out of ten, you will not hear the same words which your questions are made up of. You will have to be smart enough to look for the words which can be much more similar to words used in the questions. 

What is Part A made up of? What it assesses?

Part A of the test will be made up of consultation extracts. It will assess how good you are at identifying or analyzing specific information during consultation. Two consultations (health professional-patient) will be there and you will have to complete notes for the health professional. Please, remember, the healthcare professional can be anyone of the 12 healthcare professionals.  

Duration: Each recording will be of 5 minutes. 

What Part B comprises? What does it test?

Part B will comprise short workplace extracts. This will test whether or not you are capable enough to identify the details, summary, views, suggestions, recommendations, opinions or purposes. Three will be 6 recordings. Recordings can be on team briefings, discussions between patient and doctor, doctor and patient's relatives, handovers. You will have 15 seconds to read the questions and answer. So, be careful how you use this time before you listen to your recordings. 

How many questions will there be in Listening Part C? What will it test?

Listening part C of the Occupational English Test (OET) comprises presentation extracts. These recordings are aimed at judging how good you are at understanding presentations and or interviews. Listen to presentation extracts carefully and analytically so that you can arrive at the right answer. 

There will be two different extracts and you will have six multiple choice questions to answer   

Duration: Each recording will be of 5 minutes.   

Planning to take OET

Want to take OET? It is always advisable that you shall take the necessary OET Training. Get trained in OET and get through it with a good score.

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