OET Listening Sub Test Taking Notes

Often, test takers get confused when it comes to OET listening sub-test. Candidates listen to the recordings but they do not find the answers to the questions. 

It is pretty much difficult. 

The problem doesn’t lie in not listening to the recordings properly. It is the absence of a logical approach to taking the notes to answer the question that makes all the difference. 

Yes, you will have to take a logical approach to answering the OET listening sub-test questions. Because, not all the time, you wil see the answers hidden in the form of synonyms or equivalent phrases. 

You will have enough time to read the questions at the start of the recording and you should use this time wisely. Noting down some important keywords or key phrases from the question and then paying more attention to those keywords or key phrases while listening is certainly a good trick. It will work for you for sure. 

Look at the sample script. 



Now look at question three. Take notes on Ana’s previous shoulder injury. 

GP: Is this something that has happened before?

Ana: Well, yes, I hurt my shoulder when I was 17. I got an injury while I was playing hockey. 

GP: Ok, 

Ana: And yes, I do not play hockey now. I often find it difficult to raise my hand. 

GP: Right hand?

Ana: Not this, but the left.  And yes the, right too, sometimes. 
GP: The pain radiates and it is around your shoulder and the back?

Ana: Yes, doctor. I feel so. 

GP: how long is that now that you have not been playing hockey?

Ana: It has been 4 years now. I was 17 and now, I am 22.  I was at college then. And now, I am working at a software development firm. 

Key information

  • Hurt her left shoulder. 
  • Feel pains around the left shoulder and sometimes, right shoulder too. 
  • Ana’s age: 22
  • Hurt her shoulder at the age: 17
  • Working at a software development firm. 

When you have the key information ready it will be easy for you to answer any question. So, be very attentive while listening to the recordings. Try to jot down some important points while listening. You will not have any extra time. You will have to listen to the tape and answer the questions at the same time. 
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