OET Medical Phrasal Verbs

Most of the candidates have doubts with regard to use of medical phrasal verbs. Whether they should use the medical phrasal verbs or not. 

Generally speaking, it is important that you use some phrasal verbs as these can enhance the quality of your language. 

You can use some common phrases that are helpful to describe common symptoms or medical conditions. But, remember, this can be a challenge. As using them correctly is important. A small error can lead to a lot of confusion. 

Check out some examples:  

1 Bring up - To start talking about something

The patient is always bringing up her health problems. 

(And medically speaking, it also denotes a rumination disorder.  An eating disorder where a person tends to bring up food/drink from stomach back into the mouth). 

2 Break out in something (if the rash or the sweat breaks out it is visible on the skin). 

The skin under his arms was breaking out in a rash.

3 Wear out - To feel tired or weak

The patient was worn out after the two-hours wait. 

4 Pull through – To recover (from an injury or a serious illness)

Martha was very sick after the incident. But, now, she is pulling through.  

5 Flare up - If the illness or any medical condition flares up, it comes back again or becomes painful again 

The problem flared up and disturbed the patient a lot. 

6 Puff up – To swell, to become enlarged

The patient complained that his face puffed up after taking the medications.  

7 Cough up

It doesn’t just denote coughing. It means the patient brings up blood or phlegm by coughing.  

The patient also occasionally coughed up blood.

8 Throw up – To vomit 

Example: She was in the car and she threw up thrice. 

Using phrasal verbs in OET speaking sub test 

While interacting with the interviewer, you can use some common phrasal verbs. That is recommended. 

During your role-play you are required to explain to the patient (the interviewer who will be acting as your patient or the client) in simple English. Some simple verb phrases can be used. And remember, even your interviewer may ask you questions using phrasal verbs. So, it is good to learn and be ready.  

Using phrasal verbs in OET writing sub test 

You can enhance your letter with common verbal phrases. Do not use complex structures. Be as simple as you can. Pick only the best phrasal verbs that are commonly used in medical communications. 

  • Fight off - resist an illness
  • Pass out - faint 
  • Pass away - die 
  • Run over - hit by vehicle 
  • Come down with - become sick 
  • Come to - become conscious 

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