OET New Pattern 2018

The New, Updated Version of OET (Occupational English Test) will take effect from September 2018. You will have to get the latest OET Preparation Material to get prepared for the OET exam.   

OET 2018 Exam Pattern - New Changes

Are you going to take OET in the month of September, 2018? Well, if YES then it is important that you shall know that old preparation material for it is not going to work for you because, now, OET has got changed. Those who are going to take the OET Exam from September, 2018 will have to take new version of the test which is slightly going to be difficult than its older version. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you what major changes have been made and how OET 2018 Test Paper is different from previous OET test paper.

Major changes have been made in two sub-tests. They are reading test and the listening test. Your writing sub-test and speaking sub-test will have no major effects. Just like how they were in the past, you will be taking the tasks as per the old format. In speaking sub-test, there will be questions to assess your communication skills (which will be much more similar to those which, often, medical professionals come across in their day-to-day work). For writing, the topics pertaining to one’s profession will be there with not much change as compared to that of the older version of the test. But, certainly, you are going to face a higher level of difficulty because revised version aims at making it more accurate for the assessment of the medical language of the profession.

OET 2018 New Pattern - What are the major changes in OET 2018 New Version?

We see major changes in reading and listening. Here, we have described how new version is different from the older version of the test.

2018 OET Reading Sub-Test - Major Changes

The updated version will have 3 sections. There are three parts. Part A, B and C.

In Part A, there will be four workplace related texts (on related topics). But, here, there will be no summary to work on (for questions). You will have new task. There will be matching and short-answer questions. This is for expeditious reading (a technical term which defines quick reading to get to the clear understanding of the matter given). You will have 15 minutes to complete the test.

For Part B, there will be 6 different, short texts and they will have total word-count around 100-150 words. They will be related to workplace. There can be broad range of texts, include but not just limited to policies, documents, emails, cases, etc. You will have to pick the right choice from given answers.

In Part C, there will be two longer passages. The total word-count will be around 700-800 words. There will be multiple choice questions for you to attempt. This will last for 45 minutes.  

2018 OET Listening Sub-Test - Major Changes

This will have three sections but the total time would be around 40-45 minutes. There can be broad range of accents. The speakers may speak more quickly or varied speed or fluency levels. There will be professional-to-professional interaction. In Part A, candidate’s ability to follow facts during consultation (patient-professional consultation) more accurately will still be assessed and in Part B, there will be 6 different extracts (of about 1 minute length) which will test a candidate’s understanding of professional-to-professional discussions or interactions. Part C is going to be just the same as that of the present Part B of the test (Listening Part B Test before September 2018)