OET On The Day Of Your Test

Are you ready for the OET?  

But, do you know how your test day would be? What to expect on this exciting day?

OET test day may cause anxiety among many test takers. But, if you know what to expect it will be helpful to you to lower anxiety and take the test more confidently too.   

At the test center

You will be greeted by one of the venue staff when you reach the test center. You will be directed to the cloakroom area where you are requested to leave your belongings (it can be your coat, a purse, a bag, etc)

You are not supposed to carry your mobile phone. Not even your watch. Please, put them into your bag to avoid any kind of trouble. 
You may get a plastic bag at the cloakroom to carry things that are allowed such as pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, a bottle of water, your ID card etc.

Of course, you will receive a ticket when you deposit your belongings. You will have to show the ticket at the end of the test to collect your belongings. So, keep it safe. 

You will then go to the registration counter. A staff member will check your ID. The staff member may also take your photo (called, test day photo) which will appear on your statement of results. 

You will not be allowed to sit the exam, if any discrepancies with your ID card are found. Make sure that you carry the same documents that you have used at the time of booking your OET slot.  

Upon successful verification, you will be asked to wait in the waiting area and on the allotted time, the test will begin. 

Remember, you can’t leave the test room once the test begins. 

During your listening test, you can’t request to go to the toilet (or go out for any other reason).  However, during your reading sub-test and writing sub-test, you may request to go to the toilet (but, not during the first 10 or last 10 minutes of the sub-tests). 

If you leave the test room for any reason, your identity will be checked, re-checked before you enter the room. When you are in your test room, the invigilator may check your ID again. At the start of the test, the invigilator will also read out some general instructions about the test.  You will not get any extra time to complete the test if you go out for any reason during your test. 

You will take the listening sub-test first, then the reading, writing and then your speaking sub-test. 
If at any time during your test, you have any questions, you can raise your hands and the invigilator will come to you to listen to you.   If you break any rule (for instance, if you are found cheating or indulging in any kind of malpractice), you will be given a malpractice warning. You will also be subject to investigation. Your will be marked as disqualified and your results will be withheld too. So, never attempt such a thing. 

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