OET Phrasal Verbs

It is essential that you make use of correct phrasal verbs in your OET Writing Sub-Test. 

There is no such rule that you should use phrasal verbs but it is always recommended that you pepper your letter with unique but common and more impressive phrasal verbs. 

Listed down are a few of the phrasal verbs that you can use in your OET writing sub-test.

To pick something up 

Meaning: To catch a flu (often, during your trip or journey)

The patient said that she had picked it up while she was in Sweden.  

To come around 

Meaning: To regain consciousness

Possibly within the next two hours, you will come round when this anesthetic will lose its power. 

To fight off 

Meaning: To defend against

Some people have strong immune systems that fight off germs of all kinds. 
To take something up 

Meaning: To begin doing something, to show interest in doing something.  

It is important that you should take up jogging  or you can also take up cycling as this will improve your health. 
To cut down 

Meaning: To reduce  

You need to cut down your daily intake of sugar as this may create a problem for you. 

To pass out 

Meaning: To lose consciousness, to faint 

She suddenly passed out due to intense heat in the room. 

To get over something

Meaning: To recover  

She finally got over her sickness, her illness..  

To go down with something / to come down with something 

Meaning: To begin to feel a little ill, to catch or show signs of illness

Martha was coming down with a cold. 

To clog up 

Meaning: To block

It is advisable that you should not take fatty food as fat will accumulate in your body and it also clogs your arteries. 

To keel over 

Meaning: you fall over when you keel over (because you are ill). 

He keeled over with a severe chest pain. 

To throw up 

Meaning: To vomit

He felt like throwing up after the injection. 

To swell up 

Meaning: Enlarge or to become enlarged 

Her ankle swelled up and the infection grew more profusely.  

To wear off 

Meaning: To stop or to gradually vanish or disappear 

The pain wore off after he was given the injection. 

To go round 

Meaning: To spread in a community, to spread from person to person

There is strong evidence which suggests that the Covid 19 Virus go around 

To shake off 

Meaning: To get rid off 

She managed to shake off that flu. Now, she feels good.  
To cut something out 

Meaning: To remove, to stop doing something, to eliminate 

Doctors suggested that you should cut out sugar from your diet.   

To let up 

Meaning: To diminish or to stop 

The cold may let up after a week or maximum 10 days.  
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