OET Preparation and Its Importance

It is a common practice to prepare well in advance for any examination and OET is no different.

Things you need in line while preparing for OET 

1.  Focus on test strategy and your English language skills

2.  Get good OET education resources 

Healthcare professionals are often confused when it comes to preparation of OET test. They do not know where to start. Well, first you need to know what is expected from you. 

OET assess your English language skills, check if you have good command over the language or not, whether you are capable enough to deal with patient in an English-speaking environment. It is a trusted English language assessment tool for healthcare employers, government bodies and regulators.

There is no passing mark or failing marks like the medical exam. A minimum acceptable level is set by government organizations, healthcare boards, and immigration service agencies. 

Start by taking a sample OET test. This will give you an idea about the format and how well you understand the instructions. 

You know that you have good English language skills and simply ask yourself why do I need to prepare for OET? After all, it’s only English. But, you are not assessed on language alone. OET includes speaking, writing, reading and listening. Also, time management is crucial during OET.

Preparation for OET and its importance through practice will give you an idea about time management. 

Career goals- Healthcare professionals from 40 countries take OET. This means that healthcare professionals from various backgrounds and cultures are tested through a common platform. OET is a test common for almost nationalities of medical backgrounds who would love to work in a country like Australia. 

OET questions are framed keeping in mind the context of conversations that possibly happen between a healthcare professional and patient. The knowledge of English language based conversations which frequently occur is assessed to determine how a health care professional provides effective treatment. 

Why is OET important?

Patient safety and care come first - English language problem indicates a limited ability to understand the patient’s concerns. OET is designed around conversations and situations that occur between a medical professional and the patient. OET involves real-time workplace situations and tests language -, writing, speaking and listening and reading skills. 

How good you are at English? Yes, this test gives a good deal of information about how well you can communicate with patients using Emglish. OET is regarded as a valid and fair benchmark for selecting healthcare professionals. It has been applauded by the University of Melbourne and Cambridge assessment English for relating language skills to purpose-specific contexts. 

Secure and highly reliable infrastructure- Over 40 countries deliver OET through safe and secure facilities with quality trained staff. Robust checking of malpractice and even a slight trace of doubt is addressed. Even the test materials are assessed and certified for use to guarantee fairness in preparations for OET.  

Much emphasis should be put on OET preparation or OET practice and focus on the weaknesses in order to get a great OET score. Recheck answers after you are done with a particular section. Be thorough when it comes to reading questions and instructions. Take preparatory classes in OET. Seek help online. There are many resources for OET which you can use to improve.

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