OET Reading Various Types of Questions

The OET Reading test is one of the subtests that is conducted to assess a candidate's various English skills and proficiency in the medical field. This reading subtest consists of three parts and a total of 42 questions and all three parts take 60 minutes to complete. Before taking the OET reading test, it is important to understand the types of questions you can encounter in the test and how to tackle them efficiently. So, in this article, we will discuss the three parts of the test and types of questions in detail.

Part A

The Part A of the OET reading test will consist of four short texts of approximately 650 words each. You will be provided 15 minutes to complete this part and you will be given text A, B, C, and D in total from which you will have to answer all the questions given. This Part A will be filled with different questions like matching, sentence completion, and short answers.

Part A is mainly about skimming and scanning through the texts provided. All four texts will be on a certain topic and information related to it. For example, the topic might be 'headache' and the texts might be about its types, symptoms, drugs, administration, a case study of a patient, and a visual graph of the topic. The questions vary from asking about the treatment protocols, diagnosis protocols, medication information, treatment plans, etc. The questions asked are as follows:

From questions 1-7, you will be asked one-word answer questions.

From questions 8-14, you will be asked one sentence answer questions.

From questions 15-20, you will be asked to complete sentences in words, sentences, or phrases.

Part B

The Part B of the OET Reading Test will consist of six short texts of approximately 100-150 words each. You will be asked multiple-choice questions in this part.

Part B is mainly about testing your reading skills for gist, purposes, main points, and details. This part will have six questions and each question will have equal weightage, thus making it important for a great overall score. The questions asked under this part vary from workplace updates, policies, guidelines, memos, emails, etc. You will be provided with three options A, B, and C to answer the question correctly.

Part C

The Part C of the OET Reading Test will consist of two long texts of approximately 750-850 words each. Similar to Part B, you will be asked multiple-choice questions in this part.

Part C is mainly conducted to test the candidate's inferences, opinions, views, and attitudes. This part will have sixteen questions in total and each question has equal weightage. The texts given in this part are on general medical topics and thus relevant to any professional taking the test. The questions asked under this part vary from health articles, passages, and texts. This part mainly tests your ability to deeply understand the text rather than just skimming and scanning. The candidate will be given a total time of 45 minutes to complete both Part B and C.