OET Results Important FAQs

Listed down are a few of the important Frequently Asked Questions on OET results. 

What is the minimum score that I need in order to pass OET?

You shall get at least 350 in each of the four sub-tests. That is the mandatory requirement for most of the recognized medical boards and councils. But, it is also suggested that you shall check the requirements of the medical council or board that regulate your profession in a particular country.  

How is the test scored?

There are four sub-tests and each of them are scored following strict guidelines. The sub-tests are scored from 0 to 500 in ten-point increments (e.g. 350, 360, 370 etc). 

You will get a grade from A to E (The numerical score is perfectly mapped to a separate letter grade system for all the sub tests). 

“A” will be considered the highest score and “E” is considered the lowest score.

There will be no overall grade in OET.  

Will I get separate scores in all four different OET sub-tests?

Often, candidates get different scores in different OET sub-tests. This can be due to many reasons. A candidate can be good at reading and comprehension but he or she may not be good at writing. 

Even within a single skill such as speaking, the applicant may have good command over English grammar but he or she may not have good pronunciation or accent. There can be problems with respect to fluency or accuracy as well. 

When are OET results issued?

Generally, you may get your results well within 2 weeks. You can see your results online. You can reach the OET official website to check your score. You need to log into your profile to see the results. You will also have the option to download the copy of your score.  

Boards, councils and the registration authorities can also check the results online by logging into their account (but access to the online verification system is controlled by CBLA). 

For how many months or years my OET score will be valid?

It may vary from board to board or council to council. It is always advisable that you shall check the authority’s website for more details   

Change in score after remarking?

OET Assessors and CBLA staff will always follow strict assessment guidelines with the goal to make results more accurate. There will be double marketing. The assessors are closely monitored too.  

If you have applied for remarking but have found that your score is not changed then you can appeal again. However, we would like to tell you that the score is always closely analyzed and double-checked by the OET team of assessors).  

Where can you prepare for the OET?

If you wish to prepare for the OET online, then reach OETPractice.net. There are hundreds of practice test papers. You can take the practice tests to improve your understanding of OET. You can improve your skills and get a good score in your OET. 

Start preparing for the OET online today. 

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