OET Roleplays How Nurses Should Deal With The Patient or The Client

As a nurse, it is important that you should deal with the patients more professionally. Effective communication is one of the most important skills that every nurse should have. It is regarded as the foundation for great nursing care.  The communication can be verbal and even non-verbal (Non verbal communication may include body language, gestures, facial expressions etc). 

In a healthcare environment, nurse-patient communication has to be free from all flaws. Of course, the patient may sometimes not be an active participant in the communication. The nurse will have to take the lead and move on to make the conversation more goal-oriented as this can ultimately improve quality of care, clinical outcomes,

The nurse-patient relationship is also dependent on the strength of the communication and it can play a crucial role in enhancing patient satisfaction. However, good nurse-patient communication is one of the biggest challenges for nurses and this really needs much more effort rather than experience. 

In the OET speaking sub-test you will be asked to play your role. The interviewer will mostly play the role of your patient or your client. Here, you will have to deal with the interviewer in a way you deal with your patient at the workplace (Remember, it is the test which focuses more on your abilities or how you deal with your patients in your real life. So, play your role more professionally). 

You can follow these simple principles to make your conversation more fruitful.

You need to learn to put the patient first

Of course, you will have to put the patient first. This requires sincere effort from you. You can start your conversion with the patient by giving a small introduction about yourself. You can explain how you are going to help the patient. You need to keep a smile on your voice. Be calm when you speak. Provide as much comfort as they may need so that they can feel happier. Your manner should show that you respect your patient. You need to understand more about the patient. Try to collect as much information as you can about the patient, the problems the patient is suffering from. This approach will definitely work for you.   

Be a very active listener 

OET speaking sub-test is not just the test of your speaking abilities. You will have to be a good listener too. Active listening is one of the most integral parts of effective communication between patient and the nurse. You will have to listen to the patient, what the patient is saying, what he or she needs, the problems he or she is facing, etc. 

When the patient speaks, listen to the patient with rapt attention. Do not interrupt or jump conclusions.  You need to maintain eye contact or paraphrasing what he or she may say will make them feel good as this will show that you really care. Apart from this, you will also have to focus more on the non-verbal clues as well like facial expressions, gestures, body language, etc.

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