OET Speaking Preparation For The Role Plays

Occupational English Test is specifically developed for the assessment of English of healthcare professionals. 

Candidates often manage to overcome their fear of taking OET Writing Reading Sub-Test and other tests such as Listening and Writing Sub-Tests but when it comes to OET Speaking Sub-Test they get more nervous. 

Obviously, here, you will be in front of a trained OET examiner, OET interviewer who will be asking you some questions. And you will have to answer them without hesitation. 

Everything that you say or do will be counted. Therefore, you should know what to do and how to get through this test with a good score. 

Preparing for the role-play

Preparing for the role-plays is always crucial. Before your real OET speaking sub-test, you can take some mock tests and prepare yourself for it. Or you also have the option to check out some sample conversations to make yourself ready for the exam. There are some videos already present on YouTube. These sample videos will give you a clear idea of how you should speak and what is expected of you at the time of test. 

Making Notes 

When you get your OET card (role-play card), you will have one minute to prepare and get ready for the role-play. You need to make use of this time wisely. You can jot down some notes at the back of the card as well if you want. There is nothing wrong in it. Most of the candidates look at the card and prepare themselves mentally but do not make any notes. They do not write down some important points with respect to role-play. They feel they do not have the permission to do so. But, in reality, this is not the case. You have the freedom to make the notes and also refer to the card as well while speaking to the interviewer. Yes, you can do this. And this will not affect your score. 

At the end of the role-play you need to return the card to the interviewer or the Interlocutor. 

What if you don’t cover all the elements on the role-play?

Remember, it is important that you should finish the role-play as per the instructions. Because, the role-play is designed with the purpose to assess your English. It will reflect your speaking ability. It will last for 5 minutes. Let us say, if you are stuck somewhere while speaking and you are nearer to the closing of the role-play, the interlocutor will give you a signal about the same that the time is running out. 

Of course, there is no penalty for not completing the task as included in the role-play card. However, the more the number of points you cover, the much better it is. As this will show that you are capable enough to speak.  

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