OET Speaking Test Some Basic Questions


The speaking sub-test in OET may take about 20 minutes. There will be two role-plays. The interviewer or interlocutor will play the role of the patient or the client and you will be taking your professional role. OET for nurses, dietitians, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors and other healthcare professionals, it is important that they shall follow their professional regime when they play their role. In case of veterinary science, the interlocutor or the interviewer will be the owner or the carer of the pet animal. 


Do I have to take it at a professional level or just have to follow it as a role play?

The interviewer expects that you will perform the best. And the best performance is often correlated to how well you represent. Here, you do not have to pretend to be a doctor or a nurse. You will have to, in fact, show that you are a doctor or a nurse. Just assume that the patient or the client (interviewer) doesn't have much knowledge and looks for it from you. So, it is better to explain in detail rather than providing some vague details. 

Do I have to be authoritative?

No, you certainly do not have to be authoritative. During the interview, the interviewer might post some basic questions with respect to the role play and you are required to answer them more professionally (talk naturally as you talk to your patients or clients). 
Warm up conversation 

This is generally not assessed but it has its importance. You are expected to introduce yourself well or very rarely the reasons why you would like to practice in an English country like Australia. 

Three Minutes For Preparation 

You will be introduced to role-play by the interviewer. You will have three minutes to get prepared for it. Each role-play may take about 5 minutes. 

You will receive the cards which explain to you what you are expected to do. You will have the chance to write some notes if you want.  

But, what if I am confused or do not understand the content of the role-play card?

It may happen that you do not understand the situation as explained in the card. If such is the case then it is recommended that you shall get help from the interviewer. You can ask him or her to explain to you the situation. But, remember, this may not be the right approach and this might also lead to possibility of low score.  
Will the role-plays be the same for all the candidates at my test center?

Do not think that the role-plays will be the same for all the candidates at the test administration center. But, it is possible that different test administration centers may get same role plays as you may get but it is very rare. 

What if I falter or do not use right grammar or words?

It is the test of spoken English. So, you need to be good at speaking English. If you are not at expressing yourself in English, then naturally you will not be able to get through it. 

What if I answer a question which is wrong as per medical knowledge?
It is important that the information you provide shall be in accordance to medical knowledge. For instance, you can suggest a person who is suffering from Diabetics to not use sugar or sweet food as this can lead to spikes in blood sugar but not anything else which is not at all relevant to disease prevention, treatment etc.  

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