OET Speaking Vocabulary For Nurses

OET Speaking test will assess your English speaking skills. The best way to get a good score in it is to speak as much as you can. 

That is the rule. But, how can you do this? It will be your responsibility to start the conversation. Remember you will be talking to the patient or the client (not the interviewer or the interlocutor). Of course, it is a role-play but you will have to play your real role that is of a professional nurse. Your interlocutor or them interviewer will be your client or the patient. How would you generally speak to patients or the relatives of the patients? You deal with them patiently.  You will have to be very much considerate. 

You can use the following sentences.

  • How are you doing? I am Ana. I have been appointed to look after you.
  • How long have you been feeling ill or sick?
  • Hi, I am Ana. I am here to help you. 
  • What is the problem now?
  • Hi, I am the head nurse. Looking after your father. 
  • Are you facing any problems now?  
  • What is your general health like? Or how is your health generally?
  • Do you feel lethargic?
  • You are fit. You are fit and well. You are healthy now. You are in good health. 
  • You are still unwell. You are still not well. You are not very well. 
  • She was sick this morning.
  • She was ill. 
  • She really made a good/complete/full recovery. 
  • She was doing well. But, she relapsed. 
  • But she got over the illness completely/quickly. 
  • Do you have any trouble walking?
  • Do you have any difficulty in breathing?
  • Do you have any pain with your speech?
  • Do you have any trouble passing urine? Do you have any pain when you pass water?
  • Do you have any problems when you breathe in?
  • Do you still feel pain when you swallow? Do you have trouble swallowing? 
  • Is your vision normal? 
  • You have a mild fever. 
  • Your blood pressure is normal. 
  • Your reports are normal. 
  • There is nothing to worry about. You will be alright soon. 
  • What surgery have you had in the past?
  • Take a deep breath in/Hold your breath/Breath out. 
  • Do you sweat more than usual?
  • Do you shake more than usual?

You will have to keep the conversation going. As a part of the role-play, it can be possible that the patient may not show interest in talking. The patient may show irritation. You will have to be very tactful in handling such situations. It will be the test of your English and the way you deal with the patients too. 
Are you going to take OET? It is important that you first prepare for it. Without good preparation, it will be difficult to get a score that you really desire.  

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